Happy Mothers, Happy Babies
“By the time Anne came to help me, in addition to being exhausted, stressed and anxious, I was desperate to find someone with the correct knowledge and expertise who could help me.”

“With support and advice from Noela, all my breastfeeding problems were over. I now have the best baby in the world. I simply followed Noela’s advice.”

“Anne was a saviour.”

“Noela gave me the confidence to make decisions and parent the boys the way I wanted to.”

“We would not be where we are today without Anne’s continuous guidance, advice and emotional support, which was critical for us in those early months.”

“Noela taught my babies to sleep.”

“Noela provides amazing support to new mums. She is gentle and reassuring with both baby and parent. She provides practical guidance and helps mums to do the very best they can in their own way.”