Resilient parenting: assisting you to understand and care for your newborn.

At Infant Care, we believe that support and reassurance in the first twenty-eight days after birth are vital for both mother and baby’s physical health and wellbeing.

Our service is twofold: we provide prenatal information sessions to expectant parents and postnatal guidance in the important ‘fourth trimester’, the first three months after birth.

In consultation with parents, we help families establish resilient parenting skills.

We work pro-actively with parents to assist them to build their skills with their own baby and minimise the need for intervention later on.

Parents will learn to handle their newborn with more confidence, thereby reducing the likelihood of experiencing difficulties with baby’s feeding, settling and sleeping.

If parents find sleeping and settling are already an issue, we help to identify likely causes and find a solution to suit the individual family.

Watching a contented and happy baby develop will be a fun and joyful experience.